Vulnerable to Disruption Not All Natural Gas & NGL Storage Systems Are Created Equal

P&NG Producer EOR Storage (™) Technology

Boost Production and Cash Flow – The amount that a producer can save in cutting costs is not enough to sustain profitability. Lowering costs is important, but the key is to get the maximum value out of existing assets through increased production and recovery. Combined with allowing Upstream Producers to optimize commodity prices received from market disruptions and seasonal spreads while delivering enhanced recovery of Oil and Gas Condensates is what delivers higher and sustainable profitability.

P&NG Producer EOR Storage Allows You To Do It All

P&NG Midstream Natural Gas & NGL Storage Solutions (™)

P&NG – combined cycle natural gas & NGL storage – the most advanced commercially available patented  “bullet” storage technology – stores natural gas & NGLs together in the same reservoir – simple, cost-effective, operationally and revenue  advantaged over natural gas and separate NGL storage systems w/out environmental liabilities of salt caverns. P&NG’s system has the cycling capabilities of salt caverns with a smaller foot print and significantly larger storage volumes of natural gas and NGLs.

Optimize Your Value Chain

Gas & NGLs hedging vs physical storage bandwidth

Problem – Gas & NGLs demand and price vary materially throughout the year. Natural Gas & NGLs are in a cyclical physical system significantly influencing prices received. Derivatives have a narrow time and bandwidth making them inefficient to the time/price bandwidth of storing physical volumes with out risk.

P&NG Eliminates flaring: Flaring wastes 8% of global natural gas production annually  and contributes 6% of global green house gas emissions.

Reduced carbon footprint upstream: Produce 50% more with 50% less operations and greenhouse emissions from: Drilling – Completions – Fracing – Less New Producing Wellsites.

FASTER, CHEAPER, BETTER - combined cycle natural gas & NGL storage - delivers higher prices or protects from

Strategy With Midstream Storage Solutions

The Shale Revolution that fueled a midstream renaissance is pretty much over, but the LNG renaissance has found new legs making Gas & NGL storage even more valuable, already in short supply. 

Investment community is very constructive on infrastructure. Capital raising for infrastructure funds has already surpassed 2021 figures, with $55.6 billion closed. Plus, new deployable capital as a share of 2021’s AUM is a robust 11.8% this year.

Eliminates environment liability of salt caverns surface salt water “brine” impoundment pools (3.25 million barrels needed per 2.0 million barrels of NGL storage)  

PERSPECTIVE - Alberta’s total production is 9.7 Bcf/d - US Gulf Coast LNG feedgas capacity is 12 Bcf/d and racing toward 17 Bcf/d of LNG export capacity under construction or at FID and with all pre-FID projects will be at 30 Bcf/d

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