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Things Companies Get Wrong about  Private Equity

One of the best ways to avoid being disrupted in your industry is to become the disrupter. The theory of comparative advantage teaches that it is best to focus on what you are good at and outsource what you are not as strong in. 

Companies need to set up corporate private equity arms.  Executive teams feel the pressure brought on by innovative disrupters who, backed by venture capital, are attacking their markets. They know they need to reach further out than their business development and R&D teams can take them, and the best way to do this is by PE consultants that are most useful for internal services such as deal origination and integration  as well as external services geared toward portfolio companies such as restructuring, growth, M&A, and operations. 

Unfortunately Corporate Private Equity only squanders the opportunity by managing these efforts the same way they  manage an M&A or business development unit—that is, too cautiously only relying on teams whose past performance is no guarantee of future success.

Our Innovations

Private Equity and Corporate Private Equity as a service (PEaaS) succeeds when it pursues ideas outside but within the core business!

Known knowns

Most firms use their PE energy arms to find “known knowns” Teams, technology or products that they know already exist and can be used right away to improve their business. This strategy often leads to under performing portfolio companies. We can deliver.

PEaaS Unknown Knowns

If only companies could take the “corporate” out of “corporate private equity.” But they often find it difficult to shake the conservative mindset that not only hinders corporate PE activities in energy but is the very opposite of a successful PE energy strategy. P&NG can help you get it right. With our  PE-as-a-Service we act as your energy VC arm except without the risk normally associated with VC, amplifying the reach, leverage and success of your PE energy program.

P&NG Corporate PE-as-a-Service

Stay in control throughout the  entire PE lifecycle; you make all  of the final  investment decisions based on well-informed diligence and deep sector understanding. We have IP that uses innovated methodologies and systems to create revenue advantaged upstream and midstream infrastructure portfolio companies.

Private Equity

Differentiated proprietary quality opportunities getting in front of  a wave of  LNG and LPG exports with the most technologically advance natural gas & NGL  storage infrastructure – P&NG’s system delivers operational strength & growth strategies in most cases doubling the free cash flow on acquired assets that overcollateralizes the entire capital investment in midstream storage.

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