About Us

P&NG Capital is an alternative investment management company

We tactically invest in alternative assets with and on behalf of clients and other leading institutions

P&NG Technology is a Company with a Proprietary Combined Cycle Process for the Lowest Cost Highest Performance Natural Gas & NGL Storage

Creates opportunities to participate in world class Midstream business(s) backed by taker pay contracts.

Through our partnerships and collaborative client work, our biggest impact comes  from enablement we provide to ensure that our partnerships create social and environmental value as well as economic value.

Since 2008

Our Numbers Speak For Themselves

Years of Experience
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(MM) in JV and M&A Transactions

The Mission Comes First! We Make Sure That Every Detail Is Looked Into While We Reverse Engineer Planned Outcomes. Our Focus Is Top Decile Returns And A Revenue Moat.

Innovative Solutions

The midstream and upstream industry needs to innovate rapidly at scale to support its economic and environmental responsibilities. P&NG constantly explores innovation opportunities and challenges facing the energy industry in domains ranging from energy storage, digital,  and AI, to enhanced recovery technology, to reducing the environmental impact while increasing your resource and ROIC. 

P&NG Partnerships

We partner with leading companies, organizations and governments from around the globe to offer specialized organic solutions where its often difficult to shake the conservative or myopic mindset that only hinders corporate strategies and policies enabling breakthrough results and importantly measurable results.

Technology enhancements are essential in addressing the upstream & midstream global funding gap

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