P&NG Technology is Changing How the World Stores Natural Gas & NGLs and Benefits From

P&NG Producer EOR Storage and P&NG Midstream Gas & NGLs Storage Solutions

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P&NG Producer Storage Solutions

About Us

We Innovate In Energy - Upstream To Midstream With Governments & Great Companies To Do Even Greater Things!


Growth matters but success comes from realizing the maximum value of existing resources and reserves. 

What We Do

Provide leadership through innovation for industry and governments to reduce your environmental impact while maximizing the value of existing resources and reserves.

Our Vantage Point

Stop saying “No.” All successful companies never stop innovating or adopting new technology. When a new initiative catches fire, add more fuel. When the status quo isn’t delivering, “Pivot”.


Get your best ideas “on base.” Successful executives and managers prioritize players who can get your business on base is what delivers the metrics that matter. 

P&NG’s Edge – IP to become and remain the industry leader in Natural Gas and NGLs Storage. 

Our Contributions

Reduce Your Environmental Impact and Increase Your Return On Invested Capital and Resources

Producer EOR & Midstream Storage Solutions

Why P&NG for real assets we solve the problem of being a price taker at scale for industry and governments in natural gas and NGLs also creating a virtuous knock-on affect with new revenue streams through new lines of business.

The ability to store extremely large volumes of NGLs provides the most cost effective natural gas and NGL midstream storage business.  For upstream when used in a producers’ assets provides up to an 80% recovery factor and transforms the way EOR maximizes the value of cashflow and resource recovery in conventional, unconventional oil & gas condensate reservoirs.

Private Equity and Principal Investors

Private Equity investments are an essential element of investors’ portfolios. Our platform takes a organic approach to investors’ Private Equity portfolios and is designed to offer  proprietary solutions that align with investors objectives for persistent outperformance.

Private Equity Investment Strategies

  • Direct

  • Co-investments

  • Primaries

  • Secondaries

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Alternatives Using Real Assets Are Essential

Investors are reallocating to alternatives to boost returns, generate income, and provide diversification from traditional investments. Combining our organic pipeline with local knowledge and deep industry and sector expertise to stay ahead in a  changing world.

Our value creation approach is supported by expertise across energy sectors, markets, business models, and stages of the corporate lifecycle. Our 25+ years of energy experience provides a distinct vantage point, enabling us to identify and develop proprietary disruptive forces, trends and changes in infrastructure and private equity.

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